Electra-Cutie talks skate goals and finding the balance.

March 5, 2016



Electra-Cutie here from CiB Wales and FHSkates.




Last year was super eventful for me, both with skating and personally. As it got later on in the year (and colder) the personal stuff kinda took over the skating. Mainly because I'm soft and don't do well in the cold!


Last year I saw my skating come on in leaps and bounds, I was using my insta account @electra_cutie to log all my new tricks - and stumbles - so it was easy to look back over my progress. I learnt a lot about myself and the way I learn new things. I learnt that I have no balls, that I really ease myself into tricks and do things a little bit at a time. I know at lot of people can relate tio this. For example, learning 360s I did it in a series of stalls, slowly progressing to completing the whole jump. You can see this on my instagram account for tips to have a go yourself.




I also got to visit a lot of different skateparks all over the country. This was great for building my confidence skating on any ramps. It's easy to stay in the same place and get into your confort zone but skating different ramps means you have to get out of the habit of using "it's not what I'm used to" as an excuse and makes you a better skater. I tried skating on a concrete skatepark which, I must admit, I found rather intimidating and was thankful for my pads. I think I was aware that I could go down with a bump instead of having some comparitively nice soft wood to land on!


This year, I want to focus on my skating a lot now that we are going in to spring. So I've set myself a few little goals:


1) Feel confident again - after having a bit of time off I want to feel as confident on the ramps as I did last summer


2) Travel. I want to skate Barcelona, Eastbourne Extreme and anywhere else where it's happening!


3) Try new tricks. Step out of my comfort zone and work on inverts - I want to nail cartwheels and rainbows this year


4) Slideeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


5) Footwork tricks. Even footwork tricks on flat. I'd be up for some dance skating as I'm sure that will help with skating overall


On that note, I should probably get my skates on.....and so should you! If you havent tried ramp skating - it's fun, trust me! 


'Cutie out 

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