Bohemian Scrapsody - British Champs T3 Regional West: Game Day 1 Bout Report

February 14, 2016

The first face off in Tier 3, Regional West at Chase Leisure Centre saw Swansea City Roller Derby take on newly promoted Wirral Roller Derby.


Swansea got off to a good start with strong jamming from Coop De gras, Mort and Victory quickly adding points to the board. Wirral looked to be struggling with the pack and failed to monopolise on early powerjams in their favour. Soon though, Wirral started to fight back and Talula Trouble demonstrated her signature solid blocking the crowd were expecting from Wirral. Wirral's jammers were fighting hard but Swansea were being given a comparitively easy pass through the pack. For Swansea City Roller Derby, Mort pulled out some impressive footwork skills squeezing down the inside line almost untouched. The Swansea walls kept together with beautiful reforming, again crushing Wirral's powerjam opportunities and giving both Lula Doom and Plauhaus a hard time. 

Wirral answered by forcing Swansea to fight hard during their powerjams, Talula Trouble making use of every inch of the engagement zone and taking Jekyll off track for a huge recycle. Wirral picked up lead jammer in the last jam of the first half, but failed to impact on the score which stood at 136 to Swansea and 28 to Wirral.


The second half opened with Sammy Rizzle from Wirral taking an early trip to the box allowing Mort to fly through the pack and Swansea to extend their lead. Wirral put up strong walls against Al McSqueal and Victory but the second half continued to see the score gap widen. More of the same left the final score at Swansea City Roller Derby 267 - 49 Wirral Roller Derby.



The second bout of the day was between hosts Wolverhampton Honour Rollers and Sheffield Steel Roller Girls. The second jam witnessed Twisted Firecarter, jamming for Wolverhampton, taking full advantage of an early powerjam to open the scoring. Alchemi showed some fancy footwork to put up more points for Wolverhampton, securing them an early lead. Sheffield soon found their stride with Catashrophe making short work of the pack - but a trip to the box for cutting stopped her scoring run short. ADHDemon, blocking for Sheffield, went one on one against Wolverhampton's jammer Jeneral Grevous to minimise the damage during powerjam time.Both teams looked to be fighting hard for points, but smart calls by Wolverhampton's jammers helped to widen their lead. Both Neon Petra and Victor E Dance for Sheffield had a hard time against Wolverhampton's blockers Lola's Run and Flying Kiwi who were not holding back with the big hits. Cyndi Slaughter made the most of a powerjam in Sheffield's favour by flying through the pack until getting held up by some dynamic blocking from both Oppress-Her and Katfight'her.


With five minutes until the half time whistle, Sheffield were fighting hard to narrow the score gap and ADHDemon clocked up the points while Wolverhampton's jammer Twisted Firecarter could only sit in the box and watch. Both Toulouse Le Treat and Victor E Dance were given an easy pass and Sheffield rolled into half time in a stronger position than they had been in all game, the score being at 71 to Sheffield and 83 to Wolverhampton.


Sheffield continued their streak into the second half with Catashtrophe picking up lead and running with it, but with Alchemi jamming for Wolverhampton hot on her heels she calls it too late to stop Wolverhampton picking up point. Flying Kiwi for Wolverhampton took to the jam line and some aggressive jamming saw her widening Wolverhampton's lead. Both packs looked solid and neither team were given a free ride, all jammers working hard. Teams looked neck and neck on the track and a jammer switcheroo in the box between Miss Thunderkiss for Wolverhampton and ADHDemon for Sheffield meant the scoreline remained tight. Wolverhampton's walls continued to cause trouble for Sheffield, allowing both Twisted Firecarter and Flying Kiwi to storm through the pack and add more point to Wolverhampton's score. With fifteen minutes remaining on the clock, Sheffield pulled out some skillfull jamming to chip away at Wolverhampton's lead. Atha's Sin took a trip to the box for Sheffield leaving Alchemi on track to fight through some tough walls but make little difference to the score. Catashtrophe put in a storming run while it all went wrong for Flying Kiwi who got stuck firm in the pack, was recycled, lost her panty and finally got sent to the box.


With less than five minutes remaining in the game, and Wolverhampton's lead standing at only 27 points, it looked like the game could go either way leading to a nerve wracking final moments. Victor E Dancer, jamming for Sheffield, kept her head and closed the gap to only 18 points with three minutes left to play. Miss Thunderkiss for Wolverhampton faced off against Sheffield's Toulouse La Threat, who ended up in the box allowing Wolverhampton to retake control. Hard work from Miss Thunderkiss, Alchemi and Twisted FireCarter all picking up lead in the final jams left the final score at Sheffield Steel Roller Girls 125 - 152 Wolverhampton Honour Rollers.


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