Solo Skatepark Sessions

August 21, 2015

Our Brand Ambassador Liz gives you some insite to help you head out into the skatepark world on your own.


So your friends have training, work, a hangover but you really want to get to the skatepark this week. I've found that a solo skate can seem pretty intimidating at first, but it can be a really fun session and a great way to practice.


My first solo sesh I was staying away at a punk music weekender and decided while the husband was sleeping off his hangover and before the next bands started I would get my skate on. The area had no Chicks in Bowls chapter I could contact so I googled local skateparks and found a great indoor park about 30 minutes drive away. I was pretty nervous, I only really knew one trick (a toestop stab), I was probably going to be the only person on quads, and I was definitely going to be wearing the most padding (I'd rather the cool kids think I look like a dork than have to miss a week of skating for a injury that I could have prevented). I got to the park, paid, signed in, and found a spot to kit up. Once I got skating - and falling!- any kind of nerves I'd had about going to a skatepark alone quickly disappeared. Now the solo session doesn't intimidate me, and while I love skating with my mates it's also fun to just be in my own headspace and roll around by myself. There also a great way to work on fitness or just polish up on the basics.


Remember other skaters don't care what you're doing they are too busy enjoying themselves. I've met some awesome people at skateparks and even though I'm on quads I've learnt  new things from skateboarders and inliners.


Here are a few things to keep in mind:

-Indoor parks have staff and are therefore I believe a much safer option when skating alone. I do a lot less chatting and a lot more skating on my own so I usually don't need to pay for a longer session as my legs are jelly after about an hour.

-Smile and be respectful. Read up on some skatepark etiquette. If you make a mistake say sorry. 99% of the time people are  really cool and understanding as long as you are polite.  Obviously this applies not just to solo skates but it doesn't hurt to reiterate it.

-Bring music. I bring a cheap MP3 player and some headphones. Don't crank the volume up so loud that you can't hear anything other than your music though, you need to be able to hear if a skater is shouting if their board is flying towards you. (Also maybe don't put it in your back pocket, fall over on your backside and get it stuck on fast forward and have to take it apart to fix it like I did.)



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