Juice Spiked Review

August 8, 2015


The lovely folks at For Heaven’s Skates sent me these cute Juice Spiked Series Wheels in Amp (91a durometer) to test.


Here’s what Juice say about their wheels:


“Finally, a refreshing innovation in Derby wheels, developed for players of all abilities. A collaborative partnership between the premier wheel manufacturer and players, the Dual Pour ® technology delivers grip when you need grip, roll when you need roll , and energy when you need it the most. The “Martini Series”® feature an inner urethane core, allowing the running surface of the wheel to remain on the floor longer delivering just the grip you need. Compression on your stroke out drives energy into the core, and then expends it during the roll, giving you that added punch. More grip, better roll, and less wasted energy on the track increase your performance level every time you play. That is what the product development team set out to do, and that is what Juice Wheels™ delivers to every player who wants an unfair advantage on the track. The same concept is found on the “Spiked Series” with the banded-edge technology at a more affordable price. Available in several hardnesses. Playing Derby on new Juice Wheels™ is different than playing on the old style component hub/tire design. Juice Wheels™ are not for everyone, only Derby players like you who want more grip when you turn, more roll during the jam, and less wasted energy to outlast your competitor.”


The first thing I loved about the Juice Wheels was the packaging! I am a sucker for cute, funny packaging and yes, even though that has no bearing on the quality of the wheels, this is the kind of touch I appreciate!


One thing I didn’t love about the Juice Wheels is the colour of the actual wheels; you’ve seen my skates, you know what I like! Plus I find white/natural rubber coloured wheels tend to start looking grubby so quickly.  But that is all personal preference and absolutely nothing to do with how they skate.


This was my first time skating on 91’s and first time ever trying Juice Wheels, in fact, I hadn’t even heard of juice wheels. I know, where have I been, right?


I tried this out on my normal training venue which is wooden sports hall which varies between being slicker than an oil slick and stickier than a sticky thing depending on who’s been in there before and whether it’s been cleaned!


I also tried them out on The Core’s painted concrete floor which is fairly slippery but still works well with hard wheels. This is where I shot my video so you can see the floor for yourself. (P.S Thank you to The Core for letting me use the floor!)


So, how did they skate?


They feel very smooth, and feel a lot more rubbery compared to my old Atom Jukes (88a) and my currentReckless Morphs (88/93) which feel decidedly more plasticky and hard in comparison. The Juice Wheels have a softness that doesn’t leave you sounding like a small herd of elephants skating around a track.


I could also really feel the “banded edge technology” giving me grip in the corners. I could really push into my cross overs without feeling like I might slide out. However, I felt like I lost a lot of speed quickly and that I’d have to work hard to keep my speed up. This was with fresh, clean, spinny bearings too!


I felt like a harder wheel might have felt better but I normally find skating on all 93’s way too slippery. Possibly in the Juice Wheels this might not have been the case.


Jumping felt good, as if you knew where your wheels were gonna be when you land, like they wouldn’t slip out from under you as you hit the ground. The squishiness of the wheels gives you a bit more suspension when you land too, which is great for stiff old gits like me!



Thanks to Treblemaker 909. The original post can be found on her website www.treblemaker909.com

Why not give it a visit and check out her gear reviews, workouts and fresh meat tips.

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